Where is Video Marketing Heading Today?

Social media addiction

Where is Video Marketing Heading Today?

Video marketing is one of the most talked about topics in the world of marketing.  However, what are those conversations actually saying?  Is it really as hot as people think it is?  Is it still relevant in today’s world of scrolling and sharing?  You’ve got questions and this article has got your answers.

Social media addiction

Customers want more video

Even in today’s world, customers still aren’t satisfied with the amount of video content that brands and companies have up on their websites.  Yes, really!  They spend hours and hours watching videos on their phones and tablets and if you don’t have a video up on your page for them to see, they probably scroll on to find someone who does.  That’s how much they love video content.  The company who has the most relevant video content on their website, by this mark, wins!  

Videos increase lead generation by over 60%

Statistics further support customer’s love of video by the fact that marketing professionals track an increase in lead generation when companies have video content in place.  In fact, lead generation itself rises an impressive 60% than the best content marketing and graphics.  Video really is king when it comes to helping the customer make up their mind on whether you’re the company they want to trust, or not.

Almost 90% of marketing professionals recommend and use video marketing

Those who work in marketing as a career use video marketing in most cases, too, further speaking to its importance.  Over 90% of marketing professionals — of all ages and of all focuses — use some amount of video marketing.  Since these are the people who know how it’s done, that’s another huge winner for video content!

Video offers you the best ROI (88%)

Going with professional video production does come with a price tag, but it also gives you the best ROI when compared to other marketing costs.  Yes, you’ll still have to pay for the professional videos, but it’s going to win you an amazing amount of sales for our effort.  Plus, there’s something to be said about outsourcing all of the “hard” marketing work to the professional people in the business, right?  Check out our marketing videos, visit capitalM.asia.

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  1. You made some decent facts there. I looked on the web and I see the problem and I think most people will go along with agencies like yours.

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