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about us

We are capital M asia, a video production company based in Petaling Jaya servicing the whole of Malaysia and Asia.  Our mission is to help our clients tell their stories by producing visually striking and interesting narratives, branded video content, no-hassle video production procedures and a reel with a good shelf life. Our video production service is strictly configured towards a customised package for each individual client.

From conceptualisation to production process, from filming set to our edit suite. 

What sets capital M asia apart from other full-service video production companies in Malaysia? It’s our passionate team and our fully owned state-of-the-art production and post-production facility.

Video Strategist

Most importantly, we are not just video makers. We are video strategist. A team that identifies what you the client need, help you save time, money,  build relationships with your customers and ultimately be successful. All this made possible because we will make the effort to understand how your businesses work.

Doing this puts us in a completely different category, and separates capital M asia from the rest of the fruits in the tree.

It isn’t our goal to be the  number 1 video production company in Asia. Vanity is such a 90’s thing. we attempt to make unique videos with the production value that works for our clients. Tight budgets and impossible timeframes are our specialties.

Established in Singapore in 2002, capital M asia uses various roster of all-star talent, creative experience and production expertise from both Malaysia and around Asia to transform ideas into persuasive motion pictures.

From our first meeting through the completion of the project, capital M asia collaborates with you not just as a vendor but a partner.


We look at every new project as an opportunity to grow, to challenge ourselves by pushing boundaries of the video production industry whenever possible.

Whatever the medium —corporate videos, product videos, TV Commercials, social media content or any visual presentations — capital M asia is ready to get into gear.

From broadcast video production set-up to single-camera shoot-and-run type of filming, we pride ourselves in always striving to achieve what is best for our customers.

Our ultimate goal is to nurture long-term relationships with our clients.  We pride ourselves on having a good number of clients who have partnered with us for an average of 5 years. Our experience has proven that if we provide outstanding service at reasonable prices, clients stick with us for the longer term.  As the title of this page goes, we are capital M asia…we are Your Production Company.

Our Ethos

Our clients are the paymasters.

They are the ones who finance the tools of our trade, and enable us to practice our craft.

We fulfill our side of the bargain by putting our skills to good use in creating projects that go beyond expectations.

That’s how we get paid; and that’s what our clients pay for.

Importance of online videos

In this day and age, we can’t help but stress on the importance of online videos to our clients.  Benefits surpassing the reason that your potential customers can and will get to know you better.  Watch the video to learn more…

Check out 8 tips to boost your site’s Seo with video for a good read with more in-depth analysis on why online videos are good for your business.

More of our work can be viewed in our Portfolio Page.


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